Tree rings and fingerprints
Both have the same memory of life
Gene cells are the blueprint for life

To shape life...

Perpetuate the natural shape
Do not lose the shape of the fiber

Make pulp for papermaking from recycled cardboard.

Build a business supply chain with China

Establishment of distribution siege network in Kanto region

Kanto region prefecture map

Mainly exported to China

We mainly export dry pulp to China. We are constantly analyzing the inventory status of the used paper market, and when the used paper in the market overflows, we will immediately start increasing the amount of pulp for China.

Rapid shipping lot adjustment

We will promptly adjust monthly shipping lots to meet the confusingly fluctuating customer demand for products.

Strict adherence to high-quality products and delivery dates

We maintain the quality of dry pulp by thoroughly eliminating contraindicated substances, and with the support of domestic machine manufacturers, we are resistant to troubles and will strictly adhere to the delivery date.

Contributing to society as a B to B company

From April 2020, we set up an office in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, and started operations as a dry pulp manufacturing factory in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
We mainly optimize the supply and demand situation of papermaking raw materials in Asia and provide benefits to papermakers.
In addition, the existence of paper is inseparable for humankind to live, but its resources are limited.
As the problem of CO2 emissions is becoming a trend in the world, it is very important to promote recycling in order to protect the world’s nature.
Although it is an industry that is not usually in the limelight, we are given a very important role for society.
We hope that you will be aware of it in your daily life. Let’s build a wonderful society together.

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